Easy And Step By Step Guide To Delete .b10cked file extension

.b10cked file extension is a newly developed and discovered ransomware type of virus that’s often carried and installed on computers through a bundled trojan horse. This kind of infection is designed and circulated over the internet by online hackers who intends to earn cyber crime money by encrypting the personal files and taking hostage of all such data to enforce users buying decryption key that costs really a large sum. As per the researchers, .b10cked file extension virus may assail on computers through various possible ways under which the usage of spam email attachments, freeware or shareware downloads, porn website links, free gaming zonal visits, etc are some of the majorly renowned ones. After the user conducts the interaction with these online elements, .b10cked file extension gets downloaded on computer silently and hacks the PC and its data to show scary messages on screen on regular basis which usually acts like a trick to redirect users over an assigned webpage where they can buy the decryption key from the same developers who created .b10cked file extension.

Technically, .b10cked file extension is made highly empowered to encrypt almost all types of data stored on targeted machines like JPG, PNG, AVI, MP3, MP4, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, and many more. Probably, it will encrypt almost all your files which are highly essential for your personal needs and even critical for the Windows based computers to function properly. After clicking the encrypted files, what you will get prompted with is just a text or html file that states the system is now infected by .b10cked file extension leading your own files to be inaccessible, and if you want to access those files back as usual, you will have to pay the described ransom amount through bitcoins wallet. Moreover, the ransom note even prescribes you have only a few hours left to pay the ransom money, otherwise the affected files will be deleted from the PC permanently to deliver you serious data loss.

Is it essential to pay the ransom amount?

This question is very necessary to strike you mind if you are infected and the answer is probably a big “No”. it’s all because if you pay the sum, they might offer you the decryption key to decrypt your files once again, but this will leave your PC even open for such hackers who can manipulate with the system once again as per their desire to earn more profits. However, the asked sum would be even in high amount which is really considerable. So, it’s a better way as recommended by experts is to remove .b10cked file extension with a powerful automatic solution that might cost you a bit, but comparatively less, and even assures the system would be protected against all trending threats further.



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