Important facts about .btcware file Virus

..btcware file Virus being also labelled as BTCware Ransomware has been identified as a member of the new file-encrypting Ransomware family. It has ability to victimize almost all the recent versions of Windows OS and most often infiltrates a computer system at the instant of time when the users open spam email attachments that install this Ransomware infection in the system. The threat once intrudes successfully, causes several hazardous issues in it. Upon being installed, it grabs complete control over the entire system and then implements the scanning process in search of the files that are in its target list. After that, .btcware file Virus encrypts all the crucial files via utilizing symmetric or asymmetric cryptography. It is another version of cryptxxx ransowmare and appends .btcware extensions to each and every locked file so that they can be identified easily. Following a successful encryption, it drops a ransom note on the victimized computer’s desktop that contains the information about the ensued encryption and also asking victims to pay a ransom amount of 0.5 BitCoins (i.e. at the moment equals to approx. 500 USD) in order to get the decryption key. The basic motive of .btcware file Virus developers is to generate online illicit revenue and prevent the victims from unlocking the data until the ransom money is paid.

Should I pay the ransom money?

Analysts highly decline to trust on the hackers. The crooks are not supposed to provide the necessary decryption key once the payment is done as it has been seen that they often go disappeared after taking the money and cause victims to lose money forever. You would have already lost your files, and after doing so, you will lose your cash too. Additionally, it has also been reported that instead of the decoding key, they give a vicious hacking tool that is compatible with all the pre-installed browsers in the PC in order to track users’ online activities and collect sensitive and credential information. Therefore, you are highly advised to not deal with the hackers as it is clearly proven that payment will not help you in retrieving the files back.

What should I do to access the data gain?

The only solution for the existing problem is to remove this virus quickly from system without wasting any time, and then restore the files from backup. This is the only way to retrieve the locked data back. Moreover, the longer this infection stays inside; it keeps messing up important files and ruining the PC rapidly, so delete .btcware file Virus from system with the help of removal guide given here.



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