Know about “Buy Windows Defender Essentials”

“Buy Windows Defender Essentials” is a fake error message that is displayed on your computer screen by an adware infection stating that some issues have been detected in the PC triggered by “sysetm32.dll” file. After showing these annoying pop-ups this perilous virus performs a fake Troubleshooter that will supposedly fix all the issues. Users are claimed that the compromised system is missing some vital .dll files due to which, PC may face various critical issues in coming time. This nasty malware then suggests installing its recommended program which will apparently install all the necessary files. However, this so-called useful tool is not free of cost. You will have to transfer an amount of $25 to a given account before you are allowed to download the application.

We highly advise to ignore “Buy Windows Defender Essentials” pop-ups and avoid installing any suspicious application. Cyber criminals just try to deceive you into installing bogus program and generate illicit profits from you. Initially upon getting installed, this notorious adware makes several unexpected changes in default browser’s settings and acquires full control over the entire browser. After that, it begins interrupting your web sessions with irritating pop-ups. It doesn’t only show fake error messages but also displays annoying commercial contents and other types of advertisements. It redirects you to unknown web pages and forces you to buy useless products even if you don’t require them.

Due to the presence of this hazardous virus, your web surfing becomes very problematic because it eats up huge amount of memory resources and increases the usage of CPU. It tracks your web activities and gathers important data which may include your bank account and other financial details. “Buy Windows Defender Essentials” virus transfers those stuffs to crooks’ server who then misuse them for illicit purpose. It also shows fake update notifications and tries to cheat you into downloading bogus software so that the hackers could take control over the system.

The most common technique through which this notorious malware intrudes the PC is software bundling. Freeware programs attach these unwanted components as additional tools which also manage to settle down on the computer when user installs the main software via ‘Default’ method. So, it is highly required to be very attentive while downloading and installing a program. Read the terms and conditions carefully and always choose ‘Custom’ option. Here you can deselect the unwanted tools that look suspicious and then proceed the installation process. But at the moment, just follow the simple steps given below and delete “Buy Windows Defender Essentials” virus from the machine immediately.


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