[[email protected]].scarab file virus is a file encrypting malware that secretly locks the targeted files and makes it totally inaccessible. It intrusion is secret and does same kind of perilous activities that is to encrypt the targeted files. It asks the victims to pay some amount as ransom in order to get the decryption key. The unique decryption key is stored in the remote server of cyber-criminals. In order to convince the victims, the cyber-criminals decrypt one locked file for free. This is a manipulation to convince the victims that the decryption key will really help.

In most cases, the money given for [[email protected]].scarab file virus decryption key goes in vain. A kind of duplicate fake key is provided and the encrypted files still remains inaccessible even after paying the money. The problems remain unsolved and huge amount of money is lost in other hand. So, paying the ransom money is not the solution. You should try alternate tricks such as using backup files or virtual shadow copies. However, using the backup files is only possible if your PC is malware free. So, first of all, scan the PC with a powerful anti-malware tool that has strong scanning algorithm and programming logics.

How Does [[email protected]].scarab file virus Gets inside the PC:

The attack or intrusion of ransomware is executed secretly using tricks like bundling, social engineering, peer-to-peer file sharing networks, freeware downloads and so on. The bundlers or download managers never reveal that it contains any kind of additional attachment with them. So, be careful while downloading any kind of applications in the work-station. Always choose advance/custom installation process so that the unwanted additional files could be avoided. Read the terms and agreement and privacy-policy carefully. Don’t allow third-party programs to alter the settings of other applications. Use a powerful anti-malware tool to get run-time protection.


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