Know about “CRITICAL ALERT FROM WINDOWS” fake pop-up

“CRITICAL ALERT FROM WINDOWS” fake pop-up often appears on your PC screen when the system is infected with an adware program. This pop-up claims that some issues have been detected in the computer that need to be fixed immediately to avoid PC threats. Once gets infected with this adware infection, initially, all your default browser’s settings such as home page, new tab page and search engine are replaced without your approval. Your search results are manipulated. You are provided inorganic outcomes which redirect you to unknown and questioning web pages. Sometimes, you are rerouted to commercial sites where you are tried to lure into buying third party products of your preferences. However, this adware also leads you to scamming domains where “CRITICAL ALERT FROM WINDOWS” fake pop-up continuously appears and forces you to buy and install bogus software. Here, a nasty application is promoted stating that it will take care of all the existing issues in the PC and hence you must install it immediately.

You are strongly advised to ignore such fake alert messages. This is just a scam to earn illicit revenues and make you fool into installing malware program. Before the crooks provide you this so-called useful tool, you will have to pay a certain amount of money to their account. And even if you buy and install this app, it does nothing but harming the computer badly with its evil behaviours. Moreover, you might be also given a tech support number and suggested to call on it in order to take help of the remote technician who will supposedly fix the issues. But once, you call on the given number, the remote technician misguides you to even worse condition and causes additional threats. And hence, ignore “CRITICAL ALERT FROM WINDOWS” fake pop-up. Taking these pop-us seriously may bring hazardous malware infections in the computer.

There are a number of deceptive ways through which the existing adware intrudes the computer but the most common one is software bundling technique. It is attached with the free programs as an additional tool and manages to settle down inside secretly during the installation of main software. And hence, you need to be very attentive while installing an application. Read the terms and conditions carefully and always opt for custom or advanced option instead of the default one. Appearance of “CRITICAL ALERT FROM WINDOWS” fake pop-up reduces the system speed drastically since it consumes huge memory space and enormous CPU resources. To prevent all these stuffs from being occurred, you must delete this adware program instantly from the machine.


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