Steps to delete [[email protected]].MERS Ransomware Permanently

[[email protected]].MERS Ransomware is another data encrypting malware belong to Dharma ransomware family. It locks the targeted files and keeps it encrypted unless the ransom payment is made by the victims. It adds .MERS extension name on every files that it encrypts. Additionally, the unique Id and cyber-criminals emails address is added in the infected files. For example, if an image file named as [[email protected]].MERS Ransomware.jpg gets infected, it name changes to [[email protected]].MERS[[email protected]].MERS. When user accesses the encrypted file, a ransom note named as “RETURNS FILES.txt”) pops up on the screen.

The ransom note contains the basic information about the malware. It gives message that the files have been encrypted and in order to decrypt it, the victims have to contact the developer of [[email protected]].MERS Ransomware. It uses a powerful RSA-1024 encryption cipher for file encryption. The victims are threatened to buy the decryption key within 7 days otherwise the data will get corrupted or deleted permanently. In order to wind the users trust, they offer a free a decryption for one of the files of user’s choice. The one file that user wants to decrypt is to be sent to the cyber-criminals through the provided email ID. The ransom note contains a Bitcoin Wallet address that is to be used for make the payment to cyber-criminals in crypto-currency. As per their promise, once you pay the money, the decryption key will be immediately transferred.

The cyber-criminals warn the victims to use any other methods for file recovery. They should not allow to renaming the encrypted files. If you do so, they threat to damage the files permanently or double the price of ransom money. However, contrary to what cyber-criminals demands, you should never follow their commands. This is a spam because they don’t provide the original decryption key even after the complete payment is made. They ignore the users after receiving the ransom money.

How to Recover Files Encrypted by [[email protected]].MERS Ransomware

It is true that this kind of ransomware uses a very powerful encryption algorithm. Hence, it is not possible to decrypt the files using any third-party tool. The possible way to recover the files is to use the backup files created in external storage device, using “Volume Shadow Copies” created by the OS (If they are note encrypted) or possibly by using a third-party data recovery tool.

Your prime focus should be on removing the associated files, scripts and payloads of [[email protected]].MERS Ransomware Permanently so that the files that has not been encrypted till now remains safe. As long as this malware is there in the work-station, it will continue damaging and encrypting other files and programs. And most of all, the recovery of encrypted files is not possible until this malware is there in the work-station. Hence, it is advised that your PC with a powerful anti-malware tool and get rid of this perilous infection from your PC as quickly as possible.

How [[email protected]].MERS Ransomware Infect the PC:

The cyber-criminals have a lot of options to attack [[email protected]].MERS Ransomware on the compromised PC. Some of the tricks used are bundling, social engineering, peer-to-peer file sharing networks, spam email attachments, unsafe hyperlinks and so on. The spam email campaigns are aggressively used where malware payloads are sent through attachments. The freeware and shareware downloads from peer-to-peer file sharing networks, free file hosting websites etc. often leads to malware infection. Actually, they install hidden malware infection payloads along with the main program. There are various cracking tools that are supposed to provide paid tools for free but they spread malware too.

You have to be careful during your Online browsing activities. Don’t click on random links or pop-ups. Avoid visiting unsafe websites especially related to pornography, adult dating, gambling etc. Always select advance or custom installation method while downloading any program. Read their terms and agreement carefully. Use a powerful anti-malware tool in your PC that will provide you protection from malware in real-time.

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[[email protected]].MERS Ransomware is a perilous malware. In order to avoid its removal, it hides its payloads and scripts deep inside the PC. You may try downloading SpyHunter Malware Scanner and check if it detects this malware for you.


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