Know about .Cryptobyte ransomware

In recent times, malware experts have discovered a new file-encrypting virus named a .Cryptobyte ransomware which is an updated version of BTCware ransomware, also known as Cryptxxx. Once it intrudes into the targeted computer, it encrypts the files and data kept in the internal memory of the PC. The files locked by this Ransomware are attached with a specific file extension identified as “.cryptobyte”. After successfully encrypting all the targeted files, it creates an HTML file “HOW_TO_DECRYPT_FILES.html” that is indeed a ransom notification placed on the desktop and also in each folder that includes the infected files. The ransom note displayed by .Cryptobyte ransomware contains a small message which gives instruction to the user about the data encryption and also provides the file decryption method.

The hackers state that there is only one way to retrieve the files back that is by using a decryption tool. You are suggested to pay the ransom amount in order to get the necessary decryption key for the file recovery. They often ask $200 to $500 as ransom money in BitCoins form. According to the ransom note, after paying the money, you will be able to download a decryption tool that will help you to unlock the files encoded by .Cryptobyte ransomware. This Ransomware uses symmetric or asymmetric encryption algorithm to lock the files and it is true that the data can’t be opened until using a decryption key.

Should I pay ransom for restoring the files?

You need to be aware because cyber criminals can’t be trusted in any case. According to the analysts, the crooks don’t fulfil their promises and often start ignoring the victims after taking the money. Hence, it is quite possible that dealing with the hackers will not deliver any positive result that you are looking for and they will be disappeared without giving the necessary key. In addition, you may also become a victim of online robbery if you decide to pay the ransom money. Therefore, the experts strongly advise to not pay the money and ignore all requests to contact with the hackers.

How to get the files back?

There is only one way indeed to get the files back that is firstly by removing this deadly virus from computer and then recover those files by using backup copies. As long as this Ransomware stays inside the computer, it keeps messing up important data and ruining the computer rapidly. Just follow the instruction given below that will guide you how to get rid of .Cryptobyte ransomware permanently from system.



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