Important facts about .EnCiPhErEd file virus

.EnCiPhErEd file virus is a dangerous file-encrypting malware that includes potential to sneak into any Windows PCs without being acknowledged by the user and pose severe threats onto the machine. It uses a sophisticated algorithm to encrypt the targeted data and appends “.nCrypt” extension with the name of each of them. After successfully encrypting the targeted files, it leaves a ransom note on the desktop and informs you about the unpleasant situation. It states that in order to get access to the locked data again, you need to pay a ransom amount of 0.2 BTC to the attackers which is approx. $350 to $400.

.EnCiPhErEd file virus also shows threatening messages asking to make the payment within 48 to 96 hours; otherwise all the locked files will be deleted permanently. Whatever the situation might be, you are strongly recommended to not deal with the hackers because they are never going to decrypt your files even after taking the ransom. Reports say, crooks generally ignore the victims once the payment is done and cause them to lose both files as well as money. The best thing you need to do in such circumstance is to delete .EnCiPhErEd file virus from the work-station as soon as possible and try to restore the infected data via alternate options.

There are various third party data recovery applications that are very useful in restoring the infected or lost files. You should also use any of such tools to get your crucial data back. This hazardous crypto-virus is capable of exploiting the security loopholes and making the PC vulnerable for other Online infections. It can be responsible for the infiltration of other malware threats likes of adware, spyware, rootkits, worms etc. in the compromised device as well. .EnCiPhErEd file virus creates numerous junk files in the hard drive of the system which consumes enormous amount of memory resources and slows down the overall PC performance drastically.

How Does This Virus Enter Your Device

Opening spam emails, clicking on vicious ads or nasty links, visiting harmful web domains, using infected removal drives etc. prime reasons behind its infiltration. So, it is necessary to avoid getting in touch with these malicious sources to keep the PC safe and secured. This notorious crypto-virus keeps infecting your other essential files until either you fulfil its authors’ demand or delete it from the PC completely. So, don’t waste any time. Just follow the simple steps given below and delete .EnCiPhErEd file virus from the machine instantly.


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