Step by step process to delete .EZDZ ransomware (+ file recovery)

The details provided below will help you know about .EZDZ ransomware deeply and suggest you to find immediate solution to remove it from system completely. According to the cyber experts, this harmful computer infection belongs to ransomware family.

What is .EZDZ ransomware?

.EZDZ ransomware is another file encrypting virus that has the capability to cause severe troubles in your PC. It may lock all your personal files by using .EZDZ extension and creates a ransom note (“_readme.txt”) on your computer screen. It encrypts all your files and folders by using RAS and AES encryption algorithm and makes it completely inaccessible.

The main of ransomware is not let you to access any new data in an infected file. Whenever you try to open such infected files, this will show error messages and explains that all your files are encrypted. If you want to access them, they will demand you to pay ransom money to provide you decryption key.

The ransom note contains all information regarding payments and also threatens the user that if you don’t pay money you will lose the access of your important data permanently. However, it has been noticed that ransomware viruses do not decrypt user data even after receiving ransom money.

Shall I pay money to hackers?

It is not the right choice to trust any hackers immediately. Unluckily, if you are thinking of paying money to .EZDZ ransomware, it is the very bad idea because after getting money it is not sure that you will get the right key to decrypt your data. Unfortunately, if it works the decryption key may also bring more viruses on your PC and cause major problems. As a result, your information can be stolen and your bank accounts will be hacked without your consent.

As you know .EZDZ ransomware infect your system through bundled freeware and shareware programs, malicious websites and fake updates. You should avoid such type of infection to keep your machine safe. First of all, you must keep backup of all important files on external hard drive. Apart from such information, you have a powerful malware removal tool that can remove such harmful viruses easily. Thus, if you follow this article you can protect your PC from upcoming threats.


You should not pay money in any situation. The main thing is to do first is to remove .EZDZ ransomware from your PC. After that user can recover them through data recovery software or any certified decryptor launched by any reputed company and can easily restore all their important files.

 Precautionary methods of .EZDZ ransomware

Always use official websites to install any program. Avoid opening an email attachment that comes from unknown addresses. Always use reputable antivirus program and keep it enabled to avoid such infection. Hence, whenever you notice such symptoms of .EZDZ ransomware you must remove it as quickly as possible before it can spread further and can infects other system. You should remove the ransomware and follow the step by step instructions provided below.

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.EZDZ ransomware is a perilous malware. In order to avoid its removal, it hides its payloads and scripts deep inside the PC. You may try downloading SpyHunter Malware Scanner and check if it detects this malware for you.


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