Delete .GMAN crypto virus from the system

This article helps you to retrieve the files encrypted by .GMAN crypto virus. Follow the instruction provided at the end of the article.

Short detail about .GMAN crypto virus

.GMAN crypto virus is a file-encrypting virus that can sneak into any Windows PCs without users’ approval.  Once intrudes, it encrypts crucial files stored on the system by using sophisticated algorithm. It also appends some extension with their filename. It infects almost all the files including images, audios, videos, documents, presentations etc. Once completed the process of encryption, it further drop a ransom note on the device which instructs how to retrieve the encrypted files.

The ransom note states that, you have to pay ransom amount if you want to get access back to the locked file again. Further, it adds that pay the ransom very soon otherwise the files would be deleted automatically. It provides emails where to communicate with the attackers and pay the money. They claim you will be provided decryption tools after paying ransom by which you can successfully retrieve the files. It often retrieves one or two file for demo version in order to make the users to believe on it.

However, the cyber experts say that, whatsoever be the condition don’t pay them ransom in order to retrieve the files. They will never provide you decryption tools even after taking the money. They fool the users and only use their emotion to gain huge online money. Researches show that, instead of providing decryption tools, it may happen they offer some malicious software programs. So, it is better to ignore the ransoms’ instruction.

In this situation, the best thing to do is to remove .GMAN crypto virus from the system by treating with some powerful antivirus programs and then come over to retrieve the files. After removing the malware successfully, download some data recovery software and from it to retrieve the files. It would be better, if you earlier created bank-ups files of them. If you do so, you can restore the file easily.

Stay away from the sites like porn sites, spam emails, free online games, suspicious links and other malicious sites if you want to avoid the .GMAN crypto virus. Further, use some powerful antivirus program to the system always been. It will protect the PCs from intruding this notorious peril into it.


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