Learn Step By Step Methods To Remove .good Ransomware

.good Ransomware is identified or discovered as another new vicious kind of ransomware that is a derivative from an open source ransomware project called HiddenTear Ransomware. Once this malware manage to get installed on targeted system, it encrypts almost all stored data on computers using AES and RSA ciphers and turns the files to be completely inaccessible. After the encryption process takes place, the files get merely changed in terms of extension because .good gets suffixed to each and every affected data. After the whole encryption procedure over targeted files completes, the malware also drops a ransom note in every existing directory of affected files named HOW-TO-RECOVER-FILES.txt. The ransom note type may also vary from computers to computer because many of the victims even reported they are being shown with an html file, however the most victims state they have a text file as mentioned above.

No matters what possible OS versions or security ends you are using on your machine, if you accidentally come across interacting with malicious things like .good Ransomware, your overall system will be drastically devastated. This kind of infectious objects mostly propagates inside targeted system through a number of vicious online means like junk email attachments, freeware or shareware objects, multimedia file downloads from non trusted sources, and many more. As per the reports, the distribution of .good Ransomware is mostly being accomplished by hackers through fake email campaigns. They make use of bundled email attachment with convincing message body to lure users and cheat their values later on.

How .good Ransomware should be dealt?

According to security researchers, if you follow the recommendation by hackers or ransom note deployed by .good Ransomware, it will state you to remit the ransom money and buy decryption key to access your files once again. But, this methods never guarantees to offer desired results, and may even suck you back even after your money gone in vain. Therefore, what a victim should do is to opt a powerful antimalware solution to free up your system against .good Ransomware malware and its files completely, then restore your files with various possible data recovery channels. If you have a lately created backup files of all your data, it would be the easiest way to recover the loss, but the priority to remove .good Ransomware permanently, should be at first.


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