Delete *HELP_HELP_HELP*.hta file effectively from PC

*HELP_HELP_HELP*.hta file is a Ransomware that encrypts all files and documents inside the System, deletes Volume Shadow Copies and saves these files on the desktop to deliver info about the infection to the user. It encrypts files via VBScript or Jscript mostly. Once it hits the computer and locks the files, you receive messages explaining that your files have been locked by encrypted codes and you need to buy the serial key (kept on their server) in order to recover encrypted data and reopen your files. Offenders say that you need to purchase “special decryption software” naming Cerber Decryptor. *HELP_HELP_HELP*.hta file also changes desktop background with its own picture, text written asking to pay ransom. The only intention of cyber criminals behind designing this kind of malware is to make profits online by locking users’ essential files, and asking to pay ransom to get the files reopened. They don’t provide any gain or advantage to the users. So you are advised to ignore all the fake messages and warning alerts given by *HELP_HELP_HELP*.hta file relating to ‘fixing the issue’.

*HELP_HELP_HELP*.hta file comes inside the computer through several ways. It spreads via sharing peer to peer network, visiting unsafe websites etc. it is capable of disabling your anti-virus software that allows other nasty viruses to enter the PC as well without users’ permission and awareness. Apart from encrypting files and data, this malware also performs lots of modifications into System settings. It makes most regularly used functions like MS OFFICE, Command Prompt etc. unable to work properly. It degrades entire System performance and internet speed. *HELP_HELP_HELP*.hta file causes System to take more time to start up and shut down. PC often gets restarted. Lots of ads, plug-ins, and toolbars are added in browser which makes the web browsing session very annoying.

Harmful effects of *HELP_HELP_HELP*.hta file

  • Encrypts files and data
  • Asks to pay ransom to get the files reopened
  • Warns through alerts and messages to pay ransom money quickly or else computer might suffer bigger threats
  • Disables anti-virus software and allows other viruses to enter the System
  • Modifies files in registry setting and makes PC unable to work properly
  • Adds many ads, plug-ins, and toolbars to browser and slows down the Internet speed

If you don’t want to get your computer in this situation, you must delete *HELP_HELP_HELP*.hta file completely from PC as soon as possible.  As long as it stays inside the computer it keeps damaging it constantly. Follow the instruction given here that will guide you how to remove this malware effectively from the System.



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