Important facts about .hNcrypt file virus

.hNcrypt file virus has been identified as a destructive Ransomware infection which penetrates to the computer through freeware downloads, spam emails and other misleading methods and executes evil practises to complete its purposes. Once getting into the PC, initially, it spreads vicious codes all over inside the system to gain complete control over the machine. The execution of evil practises begins with scanning of the whole system to find the types of files that are targeted to be locked. After that, it encrypts all your important files and data stored on the hard drive. All the files kept in your PC’s memory get locked and turned inaccessible for you. .hNcrypt file virus has ability to encrypt all kinds of data type including documents, PDFs, videos, music, games, images etc. and therefore, it can be categorized as a deadly virus for all the computer systems that have Windows OS installed in them.

Following successful encryption, the virus creates a ransom note and places it on the desktop and also in each folder that contains the infected data. In this note, you are informed about the data encryption and also provided an instruction on how to retrieve the files back. The attackers state that there is only one way to unlock the files that is by using a decryption key which only they can provide. But before they provide you the necessary key, you will have to pay a ransom amount of approx. $500 to them in BitCoins mode. .hNcrypt file virus also shows threatening messages asking to pay the money within 96 hours otherwise the key will be deleted from the server and after that it will be impossible for you to get access to the contaminated data again.

Whatever the case might be, you are highly advised to not deal with the hackers. Research says they often ignore victims once the payment is done and cause the sufferers to lose both files as well as money. And thus, you should never trust on the crooks as they will never provide you the necessary key. The best thing you need to here is to delete this nasty virus instantly from system without wasting any time. After that, restore the files via backup or recovery tool. This is the only possible way to get access to your infected data again once being attacked by .hNcrypt file virus. So, don’t waste any time and remove it immediately.



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