Uninstall .lock files virus and Recover Encrypted files

Is your important personal files has been encrypted by .lock files virus? Do you see ransom note whenever you try to access folders or files such as images, videos, MS Office docs and so on? Are you thinking to pay ransom money to cyber-criminals to get the decryption key? If yes then first read this blog carefully. The aim of this webpage is to provide complete information about ransomware including its removal method and possible ways to recover the locked files.

The ransomware like .lock files virus are spreading very rapidly and they are specifically targeting Windows based PC. They make the targeted files totally unusable and shows error messages when you try to access them. The cyber-criminals who are behind all these issues only have one aim that is to cheat you by own way or the other. The files get encrypted and PC becomes a hostage. Heavy ransom money is demanded by the cyber-criminals in order to get the decryption key. The worst part is that cyber-criminals totally ignore the victim once they receive the payment.

The novice victims often get feared in this kind of situation and they have no idea what to do next. The cyber-criminals take advantage of victims fear and present saving grace deal which is a spam in reality. You must remember that giving money to the cyber-criminals is not the permanent solution. You may not get anything in return. And the money you pay will further be used for developing other severe malware infection future. They will harass you again by encrypting other files and programs.

You have to be very careful while using your PC. Be careful regarding your Online browsing pattern and activities, downloaded software etc. This will help you to spot the malware infection before it does some serious damage. You must not download suspicious files and programs especially from torrents and peer-to-peer file sharing websites. The cyber-criminals use a lot of tricks including social engineering in order to convince you that their files and software are helpful and safe to use.

Sometimes it get already too late because your PC already gets infected. In such case, you will notice some easy symptoms such as new extension gets added in every encrypted file. The task manager starts showing very high resource consumption. If your files have already been encrypted then you should first try to remove the ransomware from your PC. For removing the files and payloads from the PC, scan the work-station with a powerful anti-malware tool that has strong scanning algorithm and programming logics.

Data Recovery Options:

Once your PC becomes free from .lock files virus, you can take certain steps to recover the files. The very first thing is to check the “Volume Shadow Copies” is encrypted or not. If you are lucky to have backup files of encrypted data in some external storage device then that will be the ideal situation for data recovery. If not then the last way is to use a powerful third-party data recovery software.


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