Guide to delete .lock93 extension virus from installed browsers

If you are finding solution to uninstall .lock93 extension virus then you are at the right place. The step by step solution given here will help you eliminate this nasty threat and all its related files permanently. It allows you to eliminate this pesky virus from all Windows versions. You just have to follow given step by step solution.

Actually, .lock93 extension virus is identifies as a newly detected ransomware virus that take complete control over your PC and restrict to perform any task. It is upgraded version of locky extension virus that has caused lots of destruction to infected PC in various counties. Like its predecessor, it also has all damaging capabilities and ability to root itself deep inside computer. Most of anti-virus gets failed to identify this nasty threat due to its feature to adopt name of legitimate extension after taking successfully entry over Windows. Once inside your PC, it starts scanning entire PC and searching for files such as video, music, data, images and others to encrypt it badly. As .lock93 extension virus encrypts stored data, you will not be able to access single file. Whenever you try to open or gather any of your data ransom note gets appeared on computer screen and ask to enter decryption key to unlock files.

In order to get decryption key the only method it suggests to pay $500 or more as a fine in next 96 hours. It claims your involvement in distribution of copyrighted or porn content online. If you will not pay demanded amount on time, it claims to delete all your files and take some legal action for violating laws. The warning messages are continuously shown by .lock93 extension virus that interrupts your both online and offline session. The cyber experts never suggest to pay any amount to cyber criminals. It is because after paying the money still there is no guarantee that you will be able to get back your data and solve associated problem. To avoid such troubles, the only method is to remove .lock93 extension virus as early as possible.

Symptoms of .lock93 extension virus on Windows PC

  • You can easily identify it by occurrence of warning messages and notification
  • It locks your desktop screen and restricts to perform any tasks
  • It changes extension of all stored documents with .lock93 without your any authorization
  • You are not able to create new folder, install some hardware or software on PC

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