Easy & Effective Methods To Eliminate .lockedgood file virus

.lockedgood file virus is discovered as a ransomware or a file encrypting virus that is powered to intrude and impact all files. It actually encrypts all detected data on target computers and force users to pay a ransom amount, else their files will be permanently deleted. it’s very common nowadays for cyber criminals to be in business of circulating ransomware programs worldwide so as maximum profit can be made illegally. Programmed by those illicit minded people, the sole motive of .lockedgood file virus like hazardous ransomware infection is to extort money from victimized users in exchange of a decryption key using which the encrypted files can be restored. Means, .lockedgood file virus will do all such impacts on your machine through which you will lose access to your own files, and the recovery will never be processed unless you have a valid key.

Speaking about technical specifications of .lockedgood file virus, this is extremely dangerous infection with high end capabilities. It contribute severe destructive aspects on compromised machine in a few minutes after it’s installed. Once the intrusion is successful, the malware runs to scan whole PC partitions or external drives attached to PC to collect details about saved data. Whether the data be in audio, video, document, pdf, or spreadsheet formats, the malware will perform instant encryption overall of them. It adds its own file extension to all such locked files that easily states such data will be inaccessible and can hardly be used for any personal usage. Trying to launch such files opens a deployed ransom note on screen which can be eitehr in form of .txt or .html. Also, .lockedgood file virus will change the home screen background of PC to scare users more terribly after each and every system startup through that custom image on desktop.

Suggested measures to restore encrypted files

Reading the ransom note and its proclaims, .lockedgood file virus probably states that a user can easily access their data if they are locked with a valid decryption key. This is merely true as well because unless the affected files are decrypted, accessing them is impossible. But, is it really worthy to pay such a huge ransom amount to hackers? The PC experts never recommend someone to offer such a huge amount to criminals because it never offer guarantee about offering the key one payment is remitted. What a user should do, is to remove .lockedgood file virus from their infected computer sooner with a powerful antimalware solution. Once the system is completely cleaned, the lost files should be recovered with a backup or a data recovery tool.


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