Important facts about .LOL Files Virus

.LOL Files Virus is a kind of destructive computer virus that has been classified as Ransomware program. This nasty crypto-virus is being distributed by vicious hackers globally on a large scale. It includes potential to encrypt all the files and data kept in the hard drive of the PC and make them completely inaccessible. The infected data can be easily identified because this notorious threat injects “.LOL” extension with the name of each of them. Whenever you try to open a locked file, a pop-up appears informing you about the data-encryption. After that, this nasty malware puts a ransom note on the desktop and demands an amount of ransom money in exchange of the decryption key.

.LOL Files Virus states that in order to get access to the locked files, you need to buy a decryption key from the attackers which costs approx. $400. It also shows threatening messages asking to make the payment within 48 to 96 hours otherwise all the files will be deleted permanently. However, you should not deal with the hackers because they are never going to provide you the required tool even after taking the ransom. Instead, you should delete this hazardous Ransomware from the machine instantly and then try to restore the contaminated files via other options such as by using a genuine data-recovery application.

Presence of this notorious virus causes several other PC threats such as sluggish system response, boot errors, applications malfunctioning, data loss and many more. It messes with important system files and changes the default registry settings. This activity allows the virus to get automatically activated every time the computer is started. .LOL Files Virus is capable of deactivating the running security programs and bringing other Online infections in the device as well. It creates tons of junk files in the hard drive which take up enormous amount of CPU resources and downgrade the overall system functioning.

It is mostly distributed through spam emails when you open and download their vicious attachments. Thus, ignore suspicious mails that come from untrustworthy source. They may hold such kind of malware which will be automatically dropped inside once you open the infected mail. Aside from this, it may also intrude the targeted PC through downloading freeware programs, visiting harmful web portals, using infected removal drives etc. The longer it remains inside; it keeps infecting your other crucial data and ruining the PC on a constant basis. Hence, just go through the instruction given below that will guide you how to delete .LOL Files Virus effectively from the work-station.


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