Important facts about .loptr ransomware

.loptr ransomware is a new member of Locky Ransomware family. It is often distributed through opening spam email and downloading it attachments in the system. It works on the same principle on which its previous variants used to do. Infiltrating to the computer silently, scanning the entire system in search of the targeted files and encrypting them using a strong cryptography and finally demanding ransom from users in exchange of decryption key. It mainly attacks windows OS based computer systems and encrypts the files via AES-1024 and RSA-2048 encryption algorithms and adds a unique extension with their names so that they could easily be identified. After the completion of encrypting the data, .loptr ransomware drops a ransom note on the desktop in which it informs you about the situation and provides the instruction on how to restore the files back. The attackers explain that there is only one way to retrieve the data back that is by using a decryption key which only they can provide. It is easy to guess you will have to pay some amount of money before they provide you the necessary tool. They often ask approx. $300 as ransom in BitCoins mode.

It is true that you can’t open the contaminated files without using a decryption key but still we strongly advise to not buy the decryption key. The only motive of .loptr ransomware developers is to make illicit revenue from scamming innocent PC users and hence, you should never trust on them. There is absolutely no guarantee that they will provide you the necessary key. Malware experts have found that the hackers often ignore victims once the payment is done and cause them to lose both files as well as money. The best thing you need to do it to illuminate this Ransomware instantly from PC without wasting any time. The longer it stays inside, it keeps messing up crucial files until you fulfil their demands. As long as you delay its removal, it keeps ruining your computer rapidly and has ability to turn the system into nightmare. Once you delete it, you can easily restore the data using a backup or recovery tool. As we mentioned earlier, it often enters the PC via spam email attachments so, it is necessary to ignore suspicious mails that came from untrustworthy source. They may contain such kinds of infections which will be dropped inside once you open the infected mail. Just follow the guide given below that will help you to delete .loptr ransomware effectively from system.



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