Know How To Recover your files from .MAFIA Files Virus

My Windows Operating System has been get affected by .MAFIA Files Virus. So that I am unable to perform any task and access my own personal files and data. While I try to access it forces me to pay ransom money or else it will delete my files. I am so scare; I can’t afford money and lose my data. Please help me to restore my encrypted data and remove .MAFIA Files Virus from my System.

What is .MAFIA Files Virus:

.MAFIA Files Virus is a very dangerous computer infection that is recognized as a file encryption virus that belongs to ransomware family. The main aim of this virus is to lock down your system and encrypted your personal files and data as well as demands huge ransom money. It is used by the cyber criminals with the aim to makes illegal money through phishing innocent users. It secretly get enters into your System and starts to do lots of malicious activities. .MAFIA Files Virus will scan entire hard disk to encrypt all your personal files including Word, Excel, Power-point, Images, Pictures, Audios, Videos, Games, Apps and so on. It commonly uses strong cryptographic algorithm AES and RSA to encrypt all kind of System files. It also adds own extension at the end of every file to makes them inaccessible.

How .MAFIA Files Virus Demands Money:

Just after successfully encrypted all kind of System files, .MAFIA Files Virus demands ransom money by the sending threatful message on the desktop screen. This message states that you’re all data and file has been encrypted by strong encryption key. To restore all data and file users need to purchase decryption key and you have to pay huge amount $500 as a bit coins within 48 hrs to get the decryption key otherwise your all data and file will delete permanently from your System.

How To Recover All files and Remove .MAFIA Files Virus:

Sending money to the hacker is risky because there is no any proof that it will get back all encrypted data and file just after receiving money. There are highly chance you will lose your files and money as well. It will also hike your private and sensitive information including bank and credit card details. The only one way to recover all files is to remove .MAFIA Files Virus completely from your System. Just after that you can easily recover all files by using legitimate recovery Software Program.


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