Simple Tips to Delete “Microsoft Critical Alert”

“Microsoft Critical Alert” is a bogus alert that misguide the innocent victims. It tries to convince you that your PC is infected with multiple malware infection and then asks to make a call on particular tech support service which is a spam in reality. It secretly downloads suspicious payloads and spam in the backdoor and constantly irritates by showing unstoppable commercial ads. It claims as if the tech call you make goes to Microsoft Certified technicians however they are scammers in reality. The tech support scams like “Microsoft Critical Alert” are varieties in number and all of them have various messages that displays on the screen on regular basis. No matter whatever the message is but the ultimately they will urge you to make a call on bogus technical support services. You will be manipulated to reveal your sensitive and personally identifiable information.

The notifications like “Microsoft Critical Alert” will redirect you over harmful domains and if you are experienced user then you would easily realize that you are misguided. However, less tech savvy and novice users will easily get manipulate that the redirected websites has an association with Microsoft. You will be misguided with imaginary problems which are not even exists in your PC. Ultimately, you will be misguided to buy some kind of paid services which are useless.

How Does “Microsoft Critical Alert” attacks?

“Microsoft Critical Alert” is a spam and it is usually distributed through deceptive techniques. It comes bundled with freeware, nasty hyperlinks, peer-to-peer file sharing, spam email campaigns and so on. If you don’t remain careful while Online browsing then you can easily become a soft target of malware infection. Be careful of software packages that contains additional attachments bundled with it. Don’t open email attachments which are coming from unknown senders and has so many spelling and grammar mistakes. Have a proper anti-malware tool and security firewall settings in your work-station.



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