Steps to uninstall .Mole file extension permanently

.Mole file extension is described as s ransomware infection which encrypts the targeted data and shows ransom note when users try to access the encrypted files without decryption key. The cyber-criminals behind this malware only have one aim that is to extort money from the victims by blackmailing them for their data. It uses payloads like office.exe or pluginoffice.exe to trigger itself in the marked PC. This file gets installed in the OS as well as replicates itself in the System hard-disk. After settling down, .Mole file extension looks for the files that it can encrypt. It basically looks for most used files such as MS Office docs, multimedia files etc. and changes its extension to .Mole. Now, you cannot access this file unless you have the unique decryption key. As per the cyber-criminals, you have to buy the decryption key after paying certain Bitcoin money in associated cyber-criminals account. Apart from this, .Mole file extension also does some other suspicious activities such as altering the important registries, downloading malicious and arbitrary files, connecting the PC with remote servers and so on.

.Mole file extension is a very deadly file encrypting malware and it has the capability to delete the shadow volume copies as well. But this doesn’t mean that you should pay money to cyber-criminals as a ransom. There is no guarantee that you will receive the original decryption key once the money is paid. The victims are generally cheated and the cyber-criminals don’t respond to victim once they receive money. They will continue encrypting other files and programs and thus the situation gets worse.

So, your prime concentration should be on removing the associated files and payloads. So, you should immediately scan your PC with a powerful anti-malware tool. After this infection is uninstalled, you can try to recover the encrypted files. You may try back up, shadow copies or even data recovery tool for the recovery process.



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