.onion file virus Activity

If you are continuously encountering .onion file virus message on your desktop screen, then it is confirm that your PC has contaminated with ransomware program. You need to look for quick solution to remove ransomware program from Windows system. Here in this article you will find complete details how to get rid of virus. .onion file virus is ransomware program which developed by remote criminals to easily make good chunk of money. It usually use various techniques to get inside system and corrupt various files. It usually use to ass .onion file extension to the damage and corrupted files. It’s existence only lead to change in system settings and cause lot of damage. However, if you ever encounter this pest you should look for quick solution to remove .onion file virus instantly.

The purpose of .onion file virus to swindle money from innocent users. It usually use blackmailing tool to carry out illegal work. As soon as this infection get in system used to encrypts the DOCX, TXT, JPEG, PDF, JS file type using encryption which is hard to guess. This ransomware infection injects its executable codes within the Temp folder. Moreover it used to add malicious files in Windows Task Scheduler. It usually keep running in PC background and carry of its malicious activity. Usually you will find when open any of image or any folder of any type gets .txt message. It informs “All files including the photos, videos, documents on use’s computer system are encrypted” and in order to decrypt it, user required to make payment of $500 or $600. It must be required to make payment in Bitocins. More often informs that payment should be made via TOR browser.

What .onion file virus Use For Encryption

.onion file virus show encryption was done using a unique public key generated for the computer system. To decrypt such files, you need to obtain the private key. The single copy of private key is stored on a secret server on the Interne. If payment is not made on time the server will destroy the key known as ‘.onion key” after such time. After that it is not possible to restore the files.

.onion file virus not used to encrypt all the file at first time, first target 512 bytes of the file header. After that, takes the encrypted 512 bytes and stored then at the end of the file header. As a result, the file completely become corrupted and appears unrecognizable. Moreover, the files cannot be open or access. Keep in mind main intention of remote criminals to scam users via showing message and make money. You need to look for quick solution to remove .onion file virus from Windows system.



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