Steps to Recover Data Encrypted by .ONYX file virus ransomware

Last night when I opened my PC, I noticed that several of the files and important data were encrypted by .ONYX file virus ransomware. I was unable to access most of the files related to images, music, videos, MS Excel, MS Word and so on. Every time when I tried to access, a ransom note appeared on the screen asking me to pay certain money. I don’t know what to do now? This is a panic situation for me. Please help.

The above mentioned scenario is a very common situation of .ONYX file virus ransomware attack. This malware is very active in Georgia and slowly it is spreading its presence in other European countries and USA as well. Its aim is to make the targeted data inaccessible for the victims. It may also lead to data theft and robbery. As we all are very dependent on computer, it is very painful to lose important files. This means that you will lose months of your work, picture that had your life-time memory and so on. In order to make the situation worse, the cyber-criminals changes the desktop wallpaper with the ransom note of .ONYX file virus ransomware and asks to pay 100 US dollar for getting the files. Actually, it promises to provide the decryption key that is claimed to unlock the encrypted files and make it accessible again. A ransom note is provided in a text file that contains all the details like email IDs, Bitcoin wallet address and other necessary information.

The wallpaper replaced by .ONYX file virus ransomware contains “Spirited Away” movie character “No Face”. It is not advised to pay any money to cyber-criminal because this is a spam. You will not get original decrytption key even after the money is paid. Many of victims have reported that there is no Bitcoin Wallet address in the ransom note received by them. Well if that is the case with you as well, then again, you don’t have to worry. You should be primarily focusing on removing .ONYX file virus ransomware from you work-station. As mentioned earlier, one of its intension is to cheat your personal data. Hence it may drop key-loggers and scripts to record your personal data to gain financial benefits.

How to Recover Files Encrypted by .ONYX file virus ransomware

Paying the ransom money to cyber-criminals to get the decryption key is not solution. As mentioned earlier, it is a spam. You should first scan the PC with a powerful anti-malware tool that has strong scanning algorithm and programming logics. Once the malware is removed, you can begin the data recovery process. You can choose any of the three process as mentioned below.

  • Use the backup files if available in some external storage device
  • Use “Shadow Volume Copies” created by Operating System
  • Use any third-party data recovery software


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