How Can I Delete .Osiris file extension

.Osiris file extension is a resemblance of “Locky Ransomware” which is back with its new version with new name that is “.Osiris Ransomware”. It has now become stronger, dangerous and sophisticated. The name “.Osiris” comes from Egyptian mythology which means the God of dead and underworld. It can now encrypt wide range of files and locks it with more powerful encryption algorithm. It adopts classic technique of intrusion and working pattern. It attacks is very secret and it immediately begins its nasty activities once it settles down. It quick begins the depth scanning of System hard-disk in search of the private files. Basically it targets most used files such as MS Office docs, multimedia files such as music, videos and so on. After detecting the targeted files, .Osiris file extension begins the encryption process. It is capable of encrypting huge variety of file formats hence there is high possibility that all your private files get encrypted.

Technical Details of .Osiris file extension

If your personal files get encrypted by .Osiris file extension, it is off-course that its extension will get changed to “.Osiris”. It uses the combination of RSA-2048 and AES-128 ciphers which is a very strong algorithm for encrypting any files. You will not realize that when the extension of your personal files renamed with a bizarre name. The extension is technically [8 random symbols]-[4 random symbols]-[8 random symbols]-[12 random symbols].Osiris format. This ransomware is skilled to copy the targeted files and delete the original. The copy files that you see are unreadable and are encrypted. You will notice a payment instruction .txt file in the same folder that contains the locked data. According to the ransom note, user is asked to pay hefty sum of money in exchange with the decryption key. Its aim is to convince the victim to pay the ransom money at the quickest. A sort of panic is created in order to gain financial benefits.

How Does Osiris file extension Attacks?

One of the easy and popular ways of Osiris file extension circulation is through Internet. The internet is full of bundlers and installers that contains its files and codes and secretly download it in the targeted work-station without the victim’s approval. Additionally, there are other sneaky and stealthy tactics as well such as corrupted email attachments, sharing codes in file-sharing network, social engineering tricks and so on. You may receive fake emails or junk messages that contain whole bouquet of harmful virus. You must be highly careful regarding the shareware and freeware that are offered over Internet. It is strongly recommended to be careful while downloading any free application and do select “Advance/Custom” installation process in order to avoid additional unwanted files installation.

How to Decrypt/Remove Osiris file extension

It is very important you uninstall Osiris file extension in order access the locked files. It is never recommended to pay ransom money to cyber-criminals because they will totally ignore you once they receive the money. So, you need to choose alternative like “backup files” or “Virtual Copy” or “Data Recovery Software” to retrieve or access the locked files. Simultaneously, scan your work-station with a powerful anti-malware tool so that all the related files and codes of Osiris file extension is removed and it cannot encrypt any other files stored in your PC.

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