(Solved) Uninstall .Osiris file virus with Simple Process

.Osiris file virus belongs to the new version of “Locky Ransomware” which is more dangerous and powerful than its previous version. It is newly mutated extortion program which is more effective in its payload delivery and data crippling activities. Technically, it locks the targeted files and adds .Osiris extension to the encrypted files. A file named as OSIRIS-[victim_ID].htm is stored in the same folder where locked files it present. The .htm file contains description about the ransomware and clarifies that the targeted files has been encrypted and is inaccessible unless you have the decryption key. It asks the victim to pay certain amount of money in exchange of the decryption key and the victims to pay the money as quickly as possible otherwise its amount will increase.

Technical Details of .Osiris file virus

The “.Osiris” comes from the ancient Egypt which means the God of Dead. This newly variant of “Locky” uses new communication and circulation technique, unusual file renaming pattern, as well as newly recovery manual. It uses complex encoding of RSA and AES standard encryption whose free decryption key has not been developed till now.  The name of the targeted files gets changed in a new way that is like B5F7GEC2–A9BF–816E–373B5CBG–41019FD253D9.osiris. If you scrutinize the file pattern closely, you can easily notice that it is in [8_hexadecimal_chars]–[4_hexadecimal_chars]–[4_hexadecimal_chars]–[8_hexadecimal_chars]–[12_hexadecimal_chars].osiris format. So it is not hard to recognize that which files have been encrypted and which file are safe until now. The other change is in the help file which is in a single .htm file this time. The recovery process is discussed in OSIRIS-[victim_ID].htm document. According to the .htm image file, it asks user to pay around 0.5 Bitcoins which is around 370 USD.  It tries to create panic in order to convince the victim to pay the ransom money as quickly as possible.

How to delete .Osiris file virus

It is never a safe idea to pay ransom money in order to decrypt .Osiris file virus. In maximum cases, the necessary decryption key is not provided even after the money is paid. You will feel ignorance from the cyber-criminals as they will not respond to your emails or any other communication. So, if really want o access you encrypt files then is advised to use “Backup Files” or “Virtual Copies”. Simultaneously, scan your work-station with a powerful anti-malware removal tool that has depth scanning algorithm and programming logics to remove .Osiris file virus permanently.

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