How to Unisntall {[email protected]}.sambo Virus permanently

{[email protected]}.sambo Virus is yet another perilous data-encrypting malware that secretly damage and encrypt the personal data and files stored in the infected PC. It presents a ransom note to make demands for paying the ransom money. This perilous infection has been created by cyber-criminals and their main aim is to make quick money. It can easily damage all the versions of Windows based PC. It adds a unique .sambo extension on every file that it encrypts and this is the first and easy sign of the attack. Once the file gets encrypted, you cannot access them any further. The ransom note appears on the screen and will ask you to make payment within a particular time.

{[email protected]}.sambo Virus is capable to encrypt various types of files. They primarily target the most used files and data such as files related to multimedia, MS Office etc. Some of the common files types and extensions that it can encrypt are:

.1c, .3fr, .accdb, .ai, .arw, .bac, .bay, .bmp, .cdr, .cer, .cfg, .config, .cr2, .crt, .crw, .css, .csv, .db, .dbf, .dcr, .der, .dng, .doc, .docm, .docx, .dwg, .dxf, .dxg, .eps, .erf, .gif, .htm, .html, .indd, .iso, .jpe, .jpeg, .jpg, .kdc, .lnk, .mdb, .mdf, .mef, .mk, .mp3, .mp4, .mrw, .nef, .nrw, .odb, .ode, .odm, .odp, .ods, .odt, .orf, .p12, .p7b, .p7c, .pdd, .pdf, .pef, .pem, .pfx, .php, .png, .ppt, .pptm, .pptx, .psd, .pst, .ptx, .r3d, .rar, .raw, .rtf, .rw2, .rwl, .sql, .sr2, .srf, .srw, .tif, .wb2, .wma, .wpd, .wps, .x3f, .xlk, .xls, .xlsb, .xlsm, .xlsx, .zip

All of these encrypted files become totally inaccessible. Every time when you try to access them, a ransom note appears on the screen. You will be threatened to make the payment within particular time otherwise your data will get damaged or deleted permanently. This creates a panic and chaos. Apart from encrypting the files, you will also notice some other issues such as:

  • So much extra time to boot the PC and OS starts to get freeze or crash on regular interval
  • Internet speed becomes very slow and sluggish and access to several legitimate websites are blocked for the users
  • Arbitrary files are downloaded and they consume a huge resources and make the overall PC performance slow and sluggish
  • Ransom note starts to appear on the desktop wallpaper
  • It may download plug-ins and browser extension in the browser that spy on users activities and leads to data theft
  • The security vulnerabilities are exploited and so many other severe malware infections are downloaded in the backdoor

How to Recover Files Encrypted by {[email protected]}.sambo Virus:

First of all, you must know that you should not pay any money to cyber-criminals because this is wastage of time and money. If possible, use the backup files stored in the external storage device. Check for the “shadows Volume Copies” created by PC Operating System. Lastly, you can also try using a data recovery tool. Before using any of these data retrieval methods, it is important that you scan the PC with a powerful anti-malware tool so that all the files and payloads associated with {[email protected]}.sambo Virus gets removed and you can easily execute the data removal method.

Note: if {[email protected]}.sambo Virus is note removed from PC, it will continue other files and important data stored in the PC hard-disk.

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{[email protected]}.sambo Virus is a perilous malware. In order to avoid its removal, it hides its payloads and scripts deep inside the PC. You may try downloading SpyHunter Malware Scanner and check if it detects this malware for you.


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