Remove .pleaseCallQQ files virus

Follow this article to know to respective methods to retrieve the encrypted files due to unknown installation of .pleaseCallQQ files virus.

Know about .pleaseCallQQ files virus

.pleaseCallQQ files virus is a malicious malware that belongs to ransomware category. It can intrude in any version of OS and through any popular web browser. It often intrudes in the system that has installed antivirus programs. It resides itself so deep in the system, so it would difficult to detach it manually. From there, it scans all the files stored in the system and drops a code to lock it. If users try to access these files further, they won’t able to reach it. Rather the users are asked for some key; ‘decryption key’. Further, after sometimes, a message get appear, looks authentic as it is written as a government authority letter from FBI or Police etc. The document falsely claims that you violated some government policy due to which your files get locked. In order to unlock it pays money (generally use ‘bit coin’) as a punishment. Otherwise, all the files will be deleted permanently and you might have to go jail too.

However, the cyber criminals suggest that, it is actually the cyber criminals’ tricks to generate huge online money by seducing the innocent users. So we must not believe in any such messages. They also suggest that; never ever provide them any type of money. The messages are false however it has written the name of FBI or Police. If you provide them money, then also you would not get provided any such key. So you would not able to retrieve the files by following the instruction that pop-ups on screen. The authentic way, which you have and must have to follow, is to delete .pleaseCallQQ files virus first by scanning the system with some powerful antivirus programs. Then go over to retrieve the files. The files would be retrieving through backups. You have an option of the volume shadow copy and data recovery software too. But, do follow these methods only when you delete .pleaseCallQQ files virus successfully. If you try these methods even without removing .pleaseCallQQ files virus then it may happen that these encrypted files get deleted forever and will never be restored.


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