How to delete .PMXNLOQ extension virus

This article aims to help you in removal of .PMXNLOQ extension virus from the system. You will be also instructed how easily recover the files encrypted by this nasty threat.

.PMXNLOQ extension virus is a harmful computer infection. It is designed by a team of vicious hackers for making online money illegally. Once this nasty ransomware intrudes on the system, it encrypts all the files stored on the system. It uses RSA-2048 cryptography to lock the file including images, audios, videos, documents, presentations etc. It appends “.PMXNLOQ” extension on all encrypted file. Once completed the process of encryption, it puts a ransom note on the desktop and provides instruction to retrieve the files.

.PMXNLOQ extension virus states that, the users have to pay ransom amount if they want to get the files in their usual form. Ransom amount might ranges between $200 to $1000 that has to be paid in Bitcoins or other digital currency. It often delivers terrifying messages to pay the ransom within 72 hours otherwise the files will be deleted automatically.

“Whatsoever be the conditions may be, don’t consider even to pay them ransom in order to retrieve the files”, advises the cyber security experts. They suggest choosing some alternate way instead. They say that, the cyber criminals never provide you the decryption tools even after taking the ransom. Their only motive is to earn money and always ignore the victims.

The first thing you have to do in this situation is to remove .PMXNLOQ extension virus from the system immediately by using some effective antivirus programs. And to restore the encrypted files, use some genuine third-party data-recovery programs, you can easily get them back. If you have a recently made back-ups files, then, this is another options for you. You can try however ‘the volume shadow copy’ as well that is created by OS automatically for short time.

Before processing any of the process to retrieve the files, do ensure whether you delete .PMXNLOQ extension virus from the system or not. This is because, all the time, whenever you try to recover the files from any methods, it interferes. There is risk of permanently deleting of the files. So, it is better if you proceed only after deleing .PMXNLOQ extension virus from the system effectively.


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