Know about “Possible Suspicious Activity” virus

“Possible Suspicious Activity” virus is another perilous adware infection that shows fake error messages and tries to scam you into downloading infectious program. Like other malware threats of same category, it also first intrudes the computer silently and then acquires control over the entire system by making various changes in default browser and system’s settings. After that, it interrupts your web sessions badly by showing fake threatening messages continuously. You just need to ignore these messages and try to eliminate this adware from the system as early as possible.

In a case your computer gets infected with “Possible Suspicious Activity” virus somehow, straightaway your browser will be flooded with a number of annoying error messages and other kinds of advertisements all over the day. These commercial ads look attractive but they are very harmful indeed. They are connected with perilous domains and may redirect you to dangerous web portals. Due to visiting such harmful sites, more Online infections may strike your computer and do severe damages that you would have never expected. Delivering irritating ads is not the only trait that this malware poses on the machine; it is capable of much more than this. This notorious virus shows fake security warnings, update notifications, error messages etc. and tricks you into downloading bogus software in the name of useful tool.

Worst thing about this virus is that it tracks your web activities and gathers several essential data that is used by the developers for advertisements campaign. Moreover, “Possible Suspicious Activity” virus also steals your private stuffs such as login ids, passwords, bank account details, credit card number etc. and transfers them to Online server. Cyber criminals use that information for commercial and unethical purposes. They may easily take away all the cash from your bank account and leave you a victim of Online scam. Thus, in order to prevent your private data from being stolen and to avoid the threat of being a victim of cyber-crime, you must eliminate this notorious virus from the computer quickly.

It uses many tricks and techniques to infiltrate the machine such as freeware downloads, sharing peer to peer network, transferring data using infected USB drives etc. So, it is highly required to be careful while browsing the net. Avoid vicious sources that can cause your PC to get infected with this nasty hijacker. As long as it stays inside, it keeps damaging the PC rapidly with its cruel behaviours. It disables the security programs and brings more Online infections in the computer as well that can be even more damaging including Trojans, rootkits and deadly ransomware. Looking at all these stuffs, you are highly recommended to delete “Possible Suspicious Activity” virus quickly from the work-station with the help of removal guide given below.


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