How to uninstall .sambo Files Virus Paradise Ransomware permanently

.sambo Files Virus Paradise Ransomware is a typical data-encrypting malware that locks the personal files and makes it inaccessible. On the encrypted files, .sambo extension is appended that denotes that this file has been locked and cannot be accessed further. It is capable to lock large variety of files and folders including the multimedia files, MS Office docs and so on. The valuable files are now inaccessible and it shows ransom note alerts when you try to access them. The ransom note contains contents that blackmail you and asks you to pay certain money as extortion ransom.

More Details on .sambo Files Virus Paradise Ransomware (Depth Information)

As the name suggest, .sambo Files Virus is a variant of “Paradise ransomware” which is one of the most dangerous ransomware family of recent times. For you information, it important to mention that there are so many variants of “Paradise Ransomware” already present and some of them are .exploit, .STUB and .Recognizer and so on.

Our researches reveal that most of these ransowmare uses malspam and spam email campaigns to circulate in the targeted PC. The potential victims will continuously receive spam emails containing malicious codes with them. Such emails are presented as if they are sent by some reputed organizations or business companies. You may receive a PDF, word or txt file presented as some kind of invoices, bank documents, confirmation note for any Online orders or just receipt of your Online shopping.

As soon you open the attached files, the malware payload gets installed in the PC and gets executed. Very quickly, it reaches to a stage when it can begin the data encryption process. It uses a powerful RSA-1024 encryption algorithm cipher for data encryption process.  A small code is added in the targeted files that make it totally inaccessible and you will notice error messages and ransom note when you try to access them.

When you examine the ransom note carefully, you will notice an email ID named as This email ID is provided to make communication with the cyber-criminals and negotiate the ransom amount. The ransom note content is:

All your files have been encrypted contact us via the e-mail listed below.

e-mail: [email protected] or e-mail: [email protected]

Paradise Ransomware team.

You must not pay any ransom money to cyber-criminals because this is a cheat and spam. The aim of cyber-criminal is to cheat you and they are not going to help you in any way. After receiving the money, they will totally ignore you. If you pay money to them, they will use it for making other highly perilous infections.

How to Recover the Encrypted Files

Basically, there are three possible ways for the recovery of locked files as mentioned below:

  • Pay the money to cyber-criminals and get the ransom key. (This step is not recommended because this turns out to spam in most cases and the reason has been already mentioned in above paragraph)
  • Use the “Volume Shadow Copies”. This is like a backup files that is created by the Operating System for a short-period of time. They are there until any files overwrite the location. Sometime, ransomware deletes the backup files as well.
  • Use the backup data stored in the some external storage devices.

In order to execute any of the data recovery process successfully, you have to remove all the payloads and files associated with .sambo Files Virus Paradise Ransomware completely. So, It is advised that you first scan the PC with a powerful anti-malware tool and then begin any data recovery process. If the malware remains in the work-station, it will continue encrypting other files and programs.


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