Important facts about .Serp file virus

.Serp file virus is identified as a dangerous file-encrypting program that mainly victimizes the computer systems running windows OS. It works similar to the other members of ransomware family and provides an email id for communication purposes. According to malware researches, it uses a combination of RSA-2048 and AES-128 encryption algorithm to lock the data and make them for no use. After infiltrating the computer successfully, firstly it scans the entire system deeply and finds out some definite files that are worthy for being locked. Thing makes this virus too deadly is that it has ability to infect almost all kinds of files that is stored in the PC including videos, images, music, databases, PDFs, games, documents, presentations, eBooks etc. Once .Serp file virus completes the encryption procedure successfully, it drops a ransom note on the desktop that is presented as “DECRYPT_FILES.txt”. In this note, the victims are suggested to contact the hackers through given email account in order to get the instruction on how to retrieve the files back.

Is it good idea to contact with the .Serp file virus developers?

No, we highly decline you from contacting with the hackers. This Ransomware is specially developed with the primary intention to generate revenue from rookie PC users. Once you write to them via email, they explain that there is only one way to access the locked data that is by using a decryption key which only they can provide. And to get the necessary key, you must pay a ransom amount of $200 to $500 first. Research says that few of the victims have agreed to deal with the crooks and they paid the ransom money that brought no positive results for them and the files remained encrypted. Plus they lost their money too forever. It is impossible to identify .Serp file virus developers because they often ask the money in BitCoins form.

How to retrieve the files back?

Thing you need to do in such situation is to delete this virus completely from PC by using a genuine anti-malware tool like Spy hunter, then after recover your files by using backup. This is the only way indeed to restore your encrypted files. It is important to mention here how this ransomware penetrates the computer. It mostly enters the system through spam emails, freeware downloads, infected external devices, P2P file sharing network, engineering technique etc. Whether your PC is infected with this ransomware or not, you must avoid these malicious sources to keep the machine safe and secured. Just follow the instruction given below that will help you to get rid of .Serp file virus effectively from system.



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