Delete ‘Seu windows foi sequestrado’ Screen Locker completely from PC

‘Seu windows foi sequestrado’ Screen Locker is a file encrypting program which attacks your PC, scans the entire System and encrypts many important files. These files may contain images, videos, audios, PDFs, documents, games etc. This deadly virus is categorized as a Ransomware and blocks the complete access of your computer system.  It has been developed by cyber hackers with only one motive- to gain online profit illegally via cheating innocent users. After encrypting the files, it delivers you ransom note in which you are informed about the situation and provided the data recovery instruction. It demands you to pay some amount of money to get the files reopened. You will have to buy the decryption code that is kept on their server in order to get the files back. ‘Seu windows foi sequestrado’ Screen Locker replaces your desktop background with other image asking to pay the ransom. It constantly displays warning messages and asks you to give the money quickly or else situation might be worse. The decryption code will be deleted and thus you will never be able to access the files again. Additionally PC will suffer more threats and troubles.

‘Seu windows foi sequestrado’ Screen Locker is very capable to destroy your System completely. You may consider paying the ransom in order to get the files reopened. But you are advised to not give them money. It’s not guaranteed that the files will be decrypted after paying the ransom, they will be disappeared and cause you to lose the money. Best solution for the problem is complete removal of this malware program quickly from computer. As long as it stays inside the System, it keeps messing up the files and damaging the computer rapidly. ‘Seu windows foi sequestrado’ Screen Locker drops its vicious codes inside the System and causes many important functions unable to work properly. It adds unwanted plug-ins, toolbars, etc. on browser and slows down the internet speed. This malicious application causes the PC to take more time in starting-up and shut down processes and degrades the entire System performance. It is capable to disable your firewalls and system security programs, as a result other malwares can easily penetrate the computer without your approval. It often gets inside the computer through spam emails attachments and bundled with other freeware. Looking at all these threats you are recommended to uninstall ‘Seu windows foi sequestrado’ Screen Locker program quickly from computer. Follow the complete effective removal method below.



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