Know about “System Has Been Locked For Your Safety”

“System Has Been Locked For Your Safety”  is a fake pop-up message that usually appears on your browser when the PC is infected with an adware infection. This malware claims that your PC has been locked by WannaCry Ransomware and very soon all your crucial files and data kept in the hard drive of the machine will be encrypted. The virus states that- in order to avoid such threat, you must call on 0044 (800) 069 8527 to take help of remote technician who will supposedly fix the issue. But you are strongly advised to avoid “System Has Been Locked For Your Safety”  fake messages and not call on the given number. It is just a trick to make you fool into buying and installing bogus software in the computer. The only intention of the developers of this adware is to make online revenues and hence, they try to threaten you via showing fake alerts, using the popularity of WannaCry Ransomware.

Once you call on the so-called tech support number, you will be convinced to install software that might be presented as a useful application but in reality, it is nothing more than just a spyware which tracks your web activities and steals all your credential and sensitive data and sends them to cyber offenders. We all know what will happen if your private data is shared with hackers, they will definitely use those stuffs for illegal purposes. And therefore, it is necessary for you to avoid “System Has Been Locked For Your Safety”  pop-ups and focus on removing the existing adware from computer. Once your PC gets infected with this malware, you will face several troubles while surfing the internet as well as while doing offline tasks. Apart from this annoying pop-up, you may also have to encounter with tons of advertisements that promote several sponsored products, services and programs.

Your system’s speed is reduced severely; PC takes more time in starting up and shut down processes and it often gets restarted automatically. Many important applications such as Ms Office, command prompt, task manger and other installed apps stop working appropriately. You often see “System Has Been Locked For Your Safety”  pop-ups when your computer is infected with an adware infection that mostly infiltrates the machine through freeware downloads. Therefore, it is highly required for you to be careful while installing a program. Just go through the instruction given below that will guide you how to delete the existing malware effectively from computer.



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