Know about “The ArialText font was not found” ads

You often see “The ArialText font was not found” ads on the screen when your PC is infected with a malware infection. These ads claim that your PC is missing a font named “AerialText” and suggest to install it in the machine for better experience. But in reality, it is just a trick to make you fool into downloading bogus software. You might be given a link through which you can supposedly install the missing font, but we highly advise to not click on it. Once you tap upon the given link, a hazardous malware such as Trojan, rootkit or even deadly Ransomware gets installed in the PC. “The ArialText font was not found” ads appear on all the most popular browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Edge and hence, you will not able to surf the web without being troubled no matter which browser you use.

Appearance of these nasty ads causes poor system performance. It takes up huge memory space and enormous CPU resources and degrades the PC speed severely. Many important applications such as Ms Office, command prompt, task manager and other installed apps stop functioning as they should be. PC takes more time in stating up and shut down processes and it often gets restarted automatically. Adware that delivers “The ArialText font was not found” ads also works as a spyware and tracks your web activities using cookies. You never know that your online actions such as pages viewed, links opened, search queries, emails, accounts, IP addresses etc. are continuously being monitored. It collects all your credential and sensitive data and shares them with crooks who misuse those stuffs for commercial purposes.  Moreover, the gathered information is also used for making and displaying attractive advertisements so that the developers could get maximum clicks over them and gain more profits via pay per click method.

“The ArialText font was not found” ads: distribution method

As we mentioned earlier, these ads often appear on the screen when the computer is in capture of an adware infection which penetrates the system through freeware and shareware downloads. Apart from this, it also infiltrates inside via malicious software, watching unsafe videos, playing online games, sharing data using infected USB drives etc. so stay away from these malware infection sources to keep the PC safe and secured. Looking at the threats caused by “The ArialText font was not found” ads, you must delete this adware program quickly from PC with the help of removal guide given here.



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