Guidelines to delete .Thor file virus

  • Name: .Thor file virus
  • Level of Danger: Very severe
  • Type: Ransomware
  • Geographical Distribution: All around globe
  • Affected OS: All windows versions
  • Symptoms: Stored files get encrypted, desktop screen gets locked, pc behaves abnormally and many others
  • Removal Tips: Use of Spyhunter Anti-Malware helps you completely eliminate all nasty files from Windows PC

.Thor file virus is a newly detected ransomware infection that has been spotted by several anti-virus applications but failed to eliminate it permanently. It has been developed by group of cyber criminals with intention to earn profit by cheating innocent users. Just similar to Locky ransomware infection, it has all damaging capabilities. Once inside your PC, it appears lots of warning messages and alerts on your computer screen and restricts to perform several tasks both online and offline. This vermin starts scanning your computer and encrypting all stored files with extensions such as .docx, .xls, .png, .gif, .bmp, .mp3, .mp4, .ppt, .pdf, .pst, .ost and others. Due to presence of this nasty threat, you are not able to access any of your files.

Whenever you try access any data, .Thor file virus display ransom note on your computer screen and demands to pay 0.5 bitcoins around 350 USD to unlock. It asks you to enter decryption key to unlock all your locked files and makes it accessible. It also claims to delete all your vital data if you deny paying demanded amount on time. It gives you time duration of 96 hours to pay money online to make your files unlocked. This infectious malware claims to take legal action for authority of targeted computer for sharing porn or copyrighted contents online. It also has ability to run secretly in background of PC and gather your sensitive details that you feed at time payments of online shopping, mobile recharges, electricity bills and others. In order to get rid out of all such annoying troubles, it is necessary to take immediate steps to remove .Thor file virus. If this malware manages to remain on your computer for long time, it leads situation to other bigger trouble such as data loss, deletion of important system files, crashes or freezes of computer, occurrence of BSOD errors and many more.

Methods opted by .Thor file virus to make place on Windows PC

  • Through junk attachments of emails
  • Visiting pornographic websites
  • Use of infects storage devices such as pen drives, hard disk, USB, etc
  • Clicking on unsafe links while browsing Internet and many others

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Decrypt .Thor file virus manually with simple process

.Thor file virus is a cryptovirus ransomware which has been circulating over Internet in past few days. It quickly locks or encrypts the targeted personal files of users and displays the ransom notification when user tries to access it. The files which get encrypted are appended with “.thor extension”. It is a very versatile ransomware whose decryption key has not been developed by cyber-criminals due to it highly advance encryption which is a combination of asymmetric and symmetric algorithm. So, if you want to remove .Thor file virus and access your personal files again then this blog will be very helpful.

How .Thor file virus does Spreads?

.Thor file virus uses highly deceptive methods for circulating over multiple computers. It can get inside the targeted PC through email that contains its downloaders and codes. Though it may not have any content but the attachment is there which a downloader file is. When user click on the .zip downloader file, a .dll file gets executed which is actually the ransomware file? The novice user will not get the idea when this malicious code and file got added in their work-station.

Technical Details about .Thor file virus

.Thor file virus is a very new ransom threat which cyber-experts has detected and examined very recently. It puts .thor extension to all the files that it encrypts. A ransom note is added as the lock screen which contains instruction about the ransomware and details about the payment method. Its payloads get executed immediately and thus it makes its entry in the registries and System files as well. Thus, .Thor file virus becomes active as soon as the System is booted.

.Thor file virus can encrypt all the personal files including MS Office docs, multimedia files such movies, games etc. The ransom note is put on the desktop which asks user to pay ransom money through Bitcoin method in order decrypt the locked files. It will also give you an email ID which can be used by communicates with the cyber-criminals. This is a very effective technique for cyber-criminals to make quick money. However, you should never think of paying that ransom money because you can never trust cyber-criminals. They will take your money and will not provide the decryption key after getting the ransom.

If you want to access the files encrypted by .Thor file virus, it is strongly recommended to check the “Shadow Volume Copies” or “backup” files. Meanwhile, it is strongly advised to scan your work-station with a powerful anti-malware tool so that it could not infect other important files present in your PC hard-disk.

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