Know about “Unknown Security Breach” fake alert

“Unknown Security Breach” fake alert often appears on your screen when your PC is infected with a browser hijacker infection that enters the machine silently without any notification and hijacks all the browsers installed in it. The aim of its developers is to make online revenues illegally through rookie PC users and therefore this hijacker program performs all the malicious deeds in the PC to accomplish its goal. Initially, it makes important alterations in default browser’s settings by replacing the default home page, new tab page and search engine with a perilous URL. It also installs several ‘helper objects’ to the browser so that you could not restore that changes made by it. After acquiring complete control over your web activities, it displays “Unknown Security Breach” fake alert stating that your computer is under virus attack which can cause serious damages to the machine and hence, you must remove it from the PC.

You are provided a tech support number (“1-844-346-3716”) and suggested to call on it in order to talk with the remote helpers and get the further instructions.  You are strongly advised to not call on this given number as it is just a scam to scare you and make you fool into buying and installing bogus software. Once you talk with the remote technicians, they will misguide you to even worse circumstance and encourage to install a harmful program presenting it as a useful tool that will supposedly remove the existing virus from the computer and keep PC away from further attacks. But before you download and install this so called useful tool, you will have to transfer an amount of money to the crooks’ account. Moreover, once this application gets installed, it does nothing but harming the system badly. Appearance of “Unknown Security Breach” fake alert on the browser reduces the complete browsing sessions as it takes up huge memory space and increases the usage of CPU.

This hijacker mainly attacks computer systems that have windows OS installed in them and most often penetrates the machine through freeware and shareware downloads. It is necessary for you to be very attentive while installing an application, read the terms and conditions carefully and always opt for custom or advanced installation method instead of the default one. This nasty infection makes the security programs and anti-virus tool running inside ineffective and brings more hazardous threats in the computer as well. And therefore, it is necessary to ignore “Unknown Security Breach” fake alert and delete the existing malware from the PC quickly.



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