.Virginlock file extension Threat Assessment

Type: Ransomware
Target OS: Windows OS almost all versions
Distribution Method: DLL fle attack, malicious Java Script or drive by download
Symptoms: Perform malicious function and carry out vulnerable activity

.Virginlock file extension is one of ransomware program that encrypts the files on compromised Windows system and asking ransom of 0.5 up to BTC ransom payoff. It usually used to shows that all important files are encrypted with RSA-2048 and AES-128 ciphers, so they cannot be processed manually. It actually works as screen locker and ransomware. It infiltrates targeted Windows system and encrypt targeted files. .Virginlock file extension message includes and informs about violating h\copyright laws by distributing the particular content. However, it shows that decrypting of files in only possible with private key and decrypt program secret server. In reality, it only try to scam users and make good chunk of money. In order to get rid of .Virginlock file extension nuisance, suggested to remove it instantly.

.Virginlock file extension main function is the encryption. It actually used the file extension and encrypt all the files of the Windows system with professional encryption algorithm. It actually used to encrypt all type of files like .jpg, .mov, .txt etc without seeking user permission. It leaves ransom note in .txt form which will pop-up to tell you that your personal files are locked by .Virginlock file extension. It forces to download private decryption key from the appointed source. It even shows that make payment within 24 hours otherwise files will be completely get disabled. However, your system gets infected with such ransomware program when open suspicious email attachment, download any files from unknown website etc. It usually use to informs that these illegal action might put you in jail from 4 to 12 years. You are suggested to beware from such fake message and scam promotion made by remote criminals.

How .Virginlock file extension Get Onto Your Computer

.Virginlock file extension is ransomware virus which penetrates inside Windows system by different methods:
Via phishing emails
Visiting the website which shows malicious content or files

After the ransomware program has been installed onto your Windows system, it will encrypt the information which is stored on the victims computer and block them to run in normal manner. It always leave message that demand payment, to decrypt the encrypted files or restore the system. It even change security settings in order to allow more of different threats and virus to enter. Protecting system from .Virginlock file extension is major concern. You need to look for quick solution and try to remove .Virginlock file extension instantly.



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