Uninstall .wal files virus and Recover Encrypted Files

My personal files got infected with .wal files virus. It has now become inaccessible. Is there any way to recover the encrypted files? Please help.

.wal files virus is another addition in the Dharma Ransomware family. This malware adds .wal extension on every file that it encrypts. Apart from encrypting the targeted files, it makes unnecessary modifications in the registry entries and System files and this leads to PC malfunctioning. Once the targeted files get encrypted, it starts delivering ransom note that asks you to pay certain money to cyber-criminals as ransom in order to get the decryption key. However, it is strongly recommended that you should never follow any of their instructions and avoid any negotiations with the cyber-criminals. Continue reading the blog carefully get the complete details and solution to recover the locked files.

More Detailed information on .wal files virus

.wal files virus is a newly detected data-encrypting malware that attacks Windows based PC. Its related payloads and scripts usually spread through spam email campaigns, freeware and shareware attachments and malvertising tricks. The most common method of its circulation is malspam. The targeted victims will receive tons of email messages that contain malware payloads with them. This type of emails usually contains an unsafe links, a hidden file attachment etc. The innocent victims accidentally activate the malware payload and PC gets infected.

In order to achieve its persistence and settles down, it alters the important registries as well as corrupts the important files of Operating System. It also damages and modifies the registry keys like RUN and RUNONCE which is responsible for the smooth performance of PC. The cyber-criminals misuse these entries so that their malware payloads get active as soon as the System is booted.

.wal files virus executes a built-in cipher module that scans the PC drives and encrypt all the files that it can. It uses a very powerful encryption algorithm that is a combination of AES and RSA encryption cipher. It mostly targets the files and data that are regularly used by the victims. It can encrypt multimedia files such as audios, videos, images, MS Office docs, banking credentials and so on. On the targeted files, it adds long extension like: id-607AECEC.[[email protected]].wal.

When you try to access this encrypted files, .wal files virus triggers a ransom note on the screen asking you to pay ransom fee to get the decryption key and access your personal files. However, as already mentioned, paying the money to cyber-criminals is not a solution and rather it is a spam. For your security, it is advised that you should not make any communication with the cyber-criminals. Remove all the related payloads and scripts of .wal files virus and use the alternative methods for encrypted files recovery that has been mentioned further.

Remove .wal files virus and Restored Personal Data

The recovery of locked files is only possible if all the related payloads and files associated with this malware is removed. This can be easily done by using a powerful anti-malware tool. Once the malware is removed, you can use certain tricks and ways to recover your files.

  • Use the backup files if available in some external storage device
  • Use the Volume Shadow Copies that is created by PC Operating System (The volume shadow copies also get deleted in most cases)
  • You can use any third-party data recovery tool to get your lost files

Note: Again, it is very important that all the files, payloads and scripts of .wal files virus is removed from the work-station otherwise the malware will continue encrypting and damaging other files and programs.

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