Know about @[email protected] / @[email protected] Virus

@[email protected] / @[email protected] Virus is a new and one of the deadliest Ransomware programs which has been specially designed by the cyber offenders in order to encrypt users’ essential data and extort money from them illegally. It has been identified as the new variant of WCry Ransomware and works for the same motive that is to find the files of some of the specific data types in the targeted system and lock them using AES and RSA chippers. Although, it is not clear which type of data it specially targets, but experts believe it does have potentiality to contaminate almost all the most popular kinds of files including videos, music, images, documents, PDFs, games, etc. @[email protected] / @[email protected] Virus adds any of “.wcry, .wcryt, .wncry or .wncrrytt” extensions at the end of the infected files’ names so that they could simply be recognized. Then after, those data become completely inaccessible and can’t be opened without using a decryption key.

Following the successful encryption, this nasty virus places a ransom note on the desktop in which you are informed about the data encryption and also suggested you to buy the key in order to gain access to your files. The attackers often ask approx. $300 as ransom amount in exchange of the decryption key which you will have to pay in BitCoins mode. You are also given threatening messages asking to pay the money quickly otherwise, the ransom amount will be increased and more files will be encrypted. @[email protected] / @[email protected] Virus developers also state that after 96 hours the decryption key will be deleted from sever, and thus, you will not able to access the files again. But before you consider dealing with the hackers, we assure than their only aim to make revenue illegally, they are not supposed to give any benefit to the victims. And hence, you should never trust on the crooks as they will never provide you the necessary key even after taking the ransom.

The best thing you need to do in such case is to delete this deadly virus instantly from system and then recover the files using backup or recovery tool. This is the only way to retrieve data. The longer this infection stays inside; it keeps infecting your crucial files and ruining the computer rapidly. Downloading spam email attachments and updating software via malicious links are the main causes behind its infiltration to the PC so, be careful while surfing the web. Just follow the guide given below that will help you to delete @[email protected] / @[email protected] Virus effectively from machine.



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