Know about “Windows Defender Alert: Zeus Virus”

“Windows Defender Alert: Zeus Virus” is another fake error message that appears on your computer screen when the system is infected with an adware infection. According to this threatening pop-up, your PC is infected with dangerous Zeus Virus and thus, all your essential files and data are at big risk. Attacks of such notorious PUPs are very common these days because they are being crafted by malware developers on a large scale globally. It first intrudes your PC by stealth and then makes several unwanted modifications in default browser as well as system’s settings. It grabs full control over the entire browser and then begins redirecting you to perilous sites and showing annoying pop-ups throughout the day.

After receiving “Windows Defender Alert: Zeus Virus” pop-ups, you will also get a tech support number “+1-866-625-5558” in order to call on it and take help of remote technician. Indeed, this is all just scam and has nothing to with reality. We highly deny from calling on the given number because if you do this, you may end up with installing a bogus application as well as losing some money. This notorious adware also shows various commercial contents such as coupons, banners, pop-ups, deals, discounts etc. These ads include third party links and lead you to unknown web pages upon being clicked. They may even lead you to very dangerous web portals that are fully occupied with malevolent stuffs.

This hazardous virus carries ability to disable the working of installed security programs and allowing other nasty infections such as Trojans, rootkits, worms, keyloggers etc. to attack the PC as well. “Windows Defender Alert: Zeus Virus” malware tracks your Online sessions and gathers important data relating to your preferences which is later on used by hackers for advertisement campaign. Additionally, the collected stuffs may also include your credential information such as login ids, passwords, credit card number, bank account and other financial details. And hence, it puts your privacy at high risk.

It is bundled with several freeware programs and manages to intrude the PC at the time when you download those cost free applications from unverified sources and careless approach. Hence, to avoid the infiltration of this kind of malware infections, it is highly required to pay huge attention during the entire installation process. This hazardous browser hijacker also includes potential to reduce the PC’s working speed severely because it eats up enormous amount of memory resources and increases the usage of CPU. Therefore, in order to prevent all these threats from being occurred, you are strongly recommended to delete “Windows Defender Alert: Zeus Virus” malware from the system as soon as possible.


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