Quick to uninstall ‘Windows Defender Prevented Malicious Software’ (solved)

‘Windows Defender Prevented Malicious Software’ is rouge security software which has been categorised as browser hijacker infection. It mainly gives security related fake alerts and notifications on browser while having online surfing in order to scare or manipulate the innocent Computer Users. It will pretend itself as partner of Microsoft Corporation by attaching a logo image. Technically, this vermin will locked out the default browser program while having online surfing and offer some junk error pop-ups which claims the System is infected with malware and also offers technical helpline number (+1)-877-360-0485. It will try its best to act like legit security tool so that it can convinces you to take technical helpline. In these conditions, Users often get deceived when they got these types of error pop-ups. However, the offered pop-ups and junk notifications is nothing more that prank. Thus, it is recommended to don’t get panic over this vermin’s offer conspiracies.

How does it get spread to Computer?

‘Windows Defender Prevented Malicious Software’ generally installs itself through taking advantage from third party’s freeware as well as shareware program files. It will silently get combine itself with those programs and present itself in front of the Users in order to get installed on particular Computer. Besides that, it can also get installed on System through peer to peer file sharing method, using pirated disks and infected removal drives, clicking on suspicious links, etc.

How to deal with ‘Windows Defender Prevented Malicious Software’?

Having this vermin installed, it is not a easy task to remove ‘Windows Defender Prevented Malicious Software’ from PC. It is a nasty threat which will block accessing of Computer’s Task Manager and Control Panel which can helps you to uninstall this vermin. It will also pass through anti-malware scanning by borrowing legit program’s appearance. Even all this happening there is way which you can fix it. You only need to install and run expert’s effective Automatic Removal Tool inside Computer in order to remove ‘Windows Defender Prevented Malicious Software’.

Here, temporary solution to fix ‘Windows Defender Prevented Malicious Software’ pop-ups:

This Potentially Unwanted Program will keep displaying some pop-ups by freezing browser program. The pop-up message will keep demanding for particular product key in order to continue online works. In these conditions, here is some temporary solution going to mention which may help you.

  • Enter ‘THTY4-89LK6-RTI23-XZTOP-05ERY’ as the product key.
  • Confirm the operation, and the screen locker should be disabled.
  • Use an anti-malware scanner to remove any leftover files and Registry entries linked to the ‘Windows Defender Prevented Malicious Software’ scam.

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