Know about “Windows Firewall Blocked The Internet” virus

“Windows Firewall Blocked The Internet” virus is a scam pop-up that tries to scare PC users claiming that their system is infected with malware infection. This annoying alert message often appears on the browser due to the presence of an adware infection inside the machine. This nasty adware shows these fake messages and suggests to call on +1-888-814-3477 in order to take help of remote technician. However, you are strongly advised to ignore such fake alerts pop-ups. This is just a scam to generate illicit revenues and make you fool into downloading hazardous infections in the PC. Once, you call on the given number, you are misguided to even worse condition and then forced to buy and install bogus software. Hence ignore “Windows Firewall Blocked The Internet” virus pop-up and try to illuminate the existing adware from the machine. It doesn’t only display alert messages but also several other commercial ads on the screen and makes your Online browsing very difficult.

This nasty virus blocks windows firewalls and disables the security programs that are running inside. As a result; other malware infection may easily penetrate the computer that can be even more damaging including Trojans, rootkits and deadly ransomware. It tracks your web activities and steals all your private and confidential data. Imagine what will happen if hackers could get access to your credential stuffs such as user ids, passwords, credit card number, bank account and other financial details. They will not waste any time before misusing that information for commercial or other unethical purposes. Appearance of “Windows Firewall Blocked The Internet” virus pop-up and other adverts reduce the complete system performance as it takes up huge memory space and enormous CPU resources. This hazardous virus messes up important system files that are very significant for smooth and efficient PC running. After that, many installed apps discontinue to function properly.

How Does This Malware Intrude The PC

There are various tricks and techniques through which it infiltrates the computer. Some of them are as follows:

  • Freeware and shareware downloads
  • Opening spam email attachments
  • Watching adult videos
  • Playing Online games
  • Sharing peer to peer network
  • Transferring data via infected USB drives

Thus, it is highly required to stay away from these vicious sources to keep the system harmless and secured. To prevent all the damages and troubles caused by this adware, you are recommended to delete it instantly from the computer. As long as you delay its removal, it keeps ruining the PC rapidly and at the end of the day, turns the system into hell. So, don’t waste any time, and illuminate “Windows Firewall Blocked The Internet” virus immediately from the machine following the removal guide given below.


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