Effective Process To Eliminate .Wlu file virus

Name of Threat: .Wlu file virus
Type of Threat: Ransomware
Risk Level: Medium
Files Run By it: .exe
Symptoms: Different files were encrypted and put .wlu extension
OS Target: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

.Wlu file virus is new ransomware detected that encrypts all type of files on your Windows system. .wlu extension will get appended to all files after they locked. It enters in Windows system via e-mails send as PDF attachment. Inside the PDF attachment, there is .dcom file embedded. It asked to open files, click on “enable Editing” and then on “Enable Content”. Afterwards automatically macro script is loaded which is responsible to download malicious executable Internet stuff. .Wlu file virus is also distribute its malicious payload via file sharing websites over network, social media, download and install application promoted from third party.

.Wlu file virus Nuisance on Windows System

.Wlu file virus makes entries in Windows registry; change system files with probable aim of achieving access into target system and automatically start its malicious execution process. You will experience that whenever, start any of files ransom message will be put in three files, which will names as README-TO_DECRYPT.bmp, READ_TO_DECRYPT.html, README-TO_DECRYPT.txt. It shows message “Your files were locked and encrypted and no more accessible. To decrypt the files you need to obtain particular decryption key. The only copy of private key which decrypt files is stored on secret server”. In fact, force to use TOR browser to read more about .Wlu file virus. It even changes the Windows desktop background without your knowledge.

.Wlu file virus every time asks to pay 0.35630347 Bitcoins, which is equal to 954 US dollars. But it is not guarantee that after payment your files will get back. It only tricks users to pay ransom money. It only bring nuisance on target Windows system. It open doorway and allow other threat to enter and cause nuisance. Its existence in Windows system only cause nuisance. However, backup of files help to recover files. But, it is not guarantee that .Wlu file virus will appear again. Keep in mind cyber hoodlums only intention to distribute such malicious threat in order to easily makes income. Thus, suggested to remove .Wlu file virus instantly from your Windows system.



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