Know How To Uninstall “Your Connection To This Site Is Not Private” Pop-up

“Your Connection To This Site Is Not Private” Pop-up generally appears on your PC screen when you visit malicious websites intentionally or unintentionally. In most cases, you are redirected to such phishing web pages by an adware infection which is currently installed in your device. It states that some issues have been detected at particular website and hence, it has been blocked. This nasty adware then provides you a toll free number (“0800-088-5277”) and suggests calling on it in order to take help of Microsoft expert and fix the issue. However, it is not more than just a scam to make you fool into installing bogus software and generate illicit profits from you and hence, ignore “Your Connection To This Site Is Not Private” Pop-ups.

Once you call on the given number, the man on the other side of the call misleads you to even worse situation and then suggests buying and installing his recommended application which is malicious indeed. Initially, upon getting installed, this nasty PUP makes various unwanted changes in default browser’s settings and acquires complete control over the entire browser. It also displays other types of advertisements such as attractive offers, coupons, banners, special deals, discounts, text-ads etc. and disrupts your web sessions badly. “Your Connection To This Site Is Not Private” Pop-up adware makes profits for the authors according to the clicks it gets on its adverts.

It is capable of tracking your web activities and gathering all your personal and sensitive information like bank account details, user ids, passwords, credit card number and other financial info. Later on, it exposes those stuffs with hackers for evil purposes and leads you to be a victim of cyber-crime or Online scam. This nasty PUP has ability to disable the working of installed security programs and making the device vulnerable for other hazardous threats. “Your Connection To This Site Is Not Private” Pop-ups eat up huge amount of memory resources and drag down the overall system performance severely.

How Does This Malware Enter Your Device

It has been reported that it uses ‘bundling’ technique to get inside the targeted PC. It is attached with third party applications as an ‘optional download tool’ and manages to settle down on the PC during the installation of main software. But, it can be avoided by choosing Custom/Advanced settings instead of the ‘default’ one. Here you can deselect the unwanted components which look suspicious and select only the main software. However, in a case your PC is already infected with “Your Connection To This Site Is Not Private” Pop-up adware, we highly advise to take an immediate action and remove this threat from the machine quickly.


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