Know about “Your Windows is infected with (6) viruses”

“Your Windows is infected with (6) viruses” is a warning message that appears on your PC screen due to the presence of an adware infection inside the system. It is indeed an Online scam which acts like a real security warning. Once this notorious adware intrudes your computer, it begins showing these fake messages claiming that your PC is infected with several critical viruses that can damage the machine completely. It also provides a toll free number and suggests to call on it in order to take help of remote technician who will supposedly fix the issue. These annoying notifications keep appearing all the time which makes your Online browsing very complex.

However, according to security experts, this is not more than just a scam. You need to ignore “Your Windows is infected with (6) viruses” pop-ups and try to uninstall the existing adware from the computer. If you take these messages seriously and call on the given number, the man on the other side of the call misleads you to even worse situation and then forces you to buy and install his recommended software which is indeed very harmful for the PC. This nasty adware doesn’t only show security warnings but also delivers commercial or other kinds of advertisements. Its aim is to promote various third party products and websites and make Online revenues for the developers.

Ads released by this adware are linked with different kinds of domains and lead you to several phishing or scamming websites upon being clicked. However, you might be also rerouted to dangerous web pages that are filled with malicious contents. By visiting on such harmful domains, you may end up with getting more viruses and infections in the computer. “Your Windows is infected with (6) viruses” adware consumes enormous amount of memory resources and degrades the complete system performance drastically. It has ability to disable the running security programs and open backdoor for other Online infections.

It uses many tricks and techniques to infiltrate the machine such as freeware downloads, sharing peer to peer network, transferring data using infected USB drives etc. So, it is highly required to be careful while surfing the web. Avoid malicious sources that can cause your PC to get infected with such nasty malware. As long as it stays inside, it keeps damaging the PC rapidly with its cruel behaviours. Looking at all these stuffs, you are highly recommended to delete “Your Windows is infected with (6) viruses” Adware quickly from the work-station with the help of removal guide given below.


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