Another Fake System Optmization Tool, So You Should Remove Archive Manager virus

Archive Manager virus is discovered as another new detection under fake system optmization tool which is also promoted over web by its promoters as helpful utility. According to promotions, this tool is designed and developed specially for Mac OS X computers and promises a lot features for users. Once a user get lured by its promotions and start to use it on their PC considering a legitimate application, it turns the system access a nightmare. Although it’s mostly promoted as a Mac OS utility, it’s also available for Windows OS based computers, and may get installed on targeted PCs stealthily. According to what experts call this program, it’s just a PUP or Potentially Unwanted Program that manage its entry through tricky methods and brings fake scanning result to scare users to buy its licensed version.

In reality, Archive Manager virus is just developed and marketed by cyber crime master minds with sole intention to earn money illegally. And in order to do so, they can practice a number of possible ways to circulate the infection globally. Some of the commonly used methods include sharing bundled programs, bundled third party installers, embedded links or ads or websites, junk or spam email attachments, and many more. Actually, the criminals may take help of any such online methods which are mostly visited by online users worldwide for free downloads no matters it’s just a file download or streaming videos or other tasks. Means, it’s very necessary for users on their own to prevent their system against such intruders for which some precautions must be taken under practice in regular. We suggest you choosing a powerful antimalware solution as it adds an extra security line up to a system that is strongly powered to block intruders and removes Archive Manager virus hassle free as well.

Possible impacts of Archive Manager virus on targeted computers

Getting installed on a computer somehow, the very first task Archive Manager virus performs is to hide itself under system directories and alter many system settings to keep itself undetected. Further, it scans the whole system in background and displays a fake scanning report stating the system needs fix as many errors or issues are present inside. Also, the scanning report blocks users from using their system just to force users buy its licensed version as soon as possible. This is not just an end, but the malware even corrupts or damages essential system files to make third party applications stop working and throw errors. In addition, it turns the system vulnerabilities at peak to allow third party malware intruders attack the system more easily. Therefore, the prevention against such threats is highly recommended and in case if this fake utility program is active inside your Windows, you should remove Archive Manager virus without any delay.


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